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Scope Mounts

This is where it all started more than 20 years ago. Osuma Scope Mounts have proven their dependability for more than two decades. The scope mounts are made from high grade aluminium, and manufactured with state of the art tools and methods. They are dimensionally extremely precise, and made with true professional skill. The surface is anodized for durability.

Osuma Scope Mounts are an excellent solution when you need to set your scope higher than normal. Available in three different heights (25mm, 35mm, 45mm); three mounting alternatives (11mm, 17mm); and two options for tube thickness (1” and 30mm).

Our Scope Mounts are also very light thanks to the material used; they only weight 120-155 grams, depending on the model.

Osuma Yhdistelmäaseiden kiikarinjalat

Osuma Scope Mounts

tube diameter rail free space colour
1” 11mm 25mm black
1” 11mm 35mm black
1” 11mm 45mm black
30mm 11mm 25mm black
30mm 11mm 35mm black
30mm 11mm 45mm black
1” 17mm 25mm black
1” 17mm 35mm black
1” 17mm 45mm black
30mm 17mm 25mm black
30mm 17mm 35mm black
30mm 17mm 45mm black

Scope Mounts for Combination Guns

We have also introduced a set of Scope mounts for combination guns. Osuma 11mm scope mounts are made especially for Marocchi combination guns, but they work perfectly with all break barrels with an 11mm dovetail for scope mounting. Available in 1”, 30mm, 34mm 36mm and 40mm rings.

Osuma Scope Mounts for Combination Guns

11mm rail 1" rings LO, ME, HI
11mm rail 30mm rings LO, ME, HI
11mm rail 34mm rings ME
11mm rail 36mm rings LO, ME, HI
11mm rail 40mm rings LO