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Osuma Suppressors and Heat Covers

Osuma Optimum

Osuma Optimum is a brand new, modern suppressor for hunters and sport shooters. Optimum suppressor is a perfect combination of low weight and compact design together with excellent sound and recoil reduction. 

Small diameter of suppressor quarantee full field of view even when low magnification of scope is used. 
Optimum suppressor is the right option for hunters who need high-quality performance combined with optimal features. 

optimum  (Latin)

being the best or most likely to bring success advantage


Optimum Suppressors

Calibers: 6.5mm, .30 
Weight: 285g
Length: 206mm
Added length: 130mm
Diameter: 44mm
Net suppression: 28-30 dB
Threads: 14x1, 15x1, 5/8"x24

Heat Covers for Optimum Suppressors

"Sock Model"

Osuma 170 and 220 suppressors

Osuma Suppressors combine excellent recoil reduction, ample sound suppression, light weight, and ergonomic design. For example, the Osuma 170 extends the length of your rifle by only 90 millimeters and weighs a mere 315 grams. For larger calibers, we recommend the use of the Osuma 220 silencer.

Osuma Suppressors are available in calibers from .222 to 9,3mm and with all the most popular mounting threads. The color options are black and silver.

Osuma äänenvaimentimet ja väreilysuojat

Osuma Suppressors

Thread: 14x1, 15x1, 17x1, 18x1, 14x1 Spigot, 15x1 Spigot, 5/8”x24, 1/2”UNF
Osuma 170
Osuma 220

Heat Covers for Suppressors

Heat Cover for Suppressors Aluminium+elastic band
"Sock model" 170mm
"Sock model" 220mm

Osuma Rimfire Suppressors

Osuma rimfire suppressor is best of the market by effectivity and have also very unique desing. 
Low weight, slim 28mm diameter, 14 centimeters total lenght
Rimfire suppressors is able to open for cleaning and maintenance. Open front cap, take suppression plates out, separate side plates and wash it - Simple!


Osuma Rimfire Suppressors

Thread: 1/2"x20 UNF, 1/2"x28 UNEF, 15x1
17 HMR
22 Rimfire