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Osuma Blaser Mounts

Our Blaser Mounts are probably the crown jewel of our product portfolio. The new improved design offers world class precision and reliability, and is extremely easy to adjust. The solid mount offers a variety of options for mounting different kinds of scopes and sights. Please, see the chart for scope mounting options.

Osuma Blaser jalustat

Osuma Blaser Mounts

mount with 1" rings LO, ME or HI
mount with 30mm rings LO, ME or HI
mount with 34mm rings ME
mount with 36mm rings LO, ME or HI
mount with 40mm rings LO
Mount fit with Sako Optilock rings  
Blaser Picatinny rail  
Mount for Zeiss ZM rail up to 56mm objective  
Mount for Swarovski SR rail  
for ATN with 30mm rings ME
Mount for Docter holosights  
Mount for Aimpoint Micro   
Mount for Delta / Kahles holosights