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Miscellaneous Accessories

“Small things, big difference” – Series

Trigger Widener

Trigger widener

Although we say so ourselves, the Osuma Trigger Widener is the best pound-for-pound shooting accessory in the world. The Osuma Trigger Widener provides a perfect feeling of the trigger action. The wider surface distributes the finger pressure so that the feeling of trigger resistance becomes considerably lighter.
Trigger wideners are available in widths up to 7 and 8 mm. The design enables attachment to almost all types of triggers.

Osuma Sling Swivel Adapter for UIT Rail

UIT sling swivel adapter

The high quality blue annealed steel adapter made from one piece fits the standard UIT rail. The adapter also enables not only the mounting of the GT sling swivel, but also the fitting of most bipods to guns with a UIT slide rail.

Osuma Oversized Bolt Knob for Blaser R8

bolt knob for blaser

The Oversized Bolt Knob makes the action of your Blaser R8 feel even smoother. The ergonomic design allows you to open the bolt with two fingers, and push it back with the palm of your hand.

Osuma Special Scope Mount

special scope mount

Osuma Special Scope Mounts are a great help for those who have had to change their aiming eye, for example as a result of an accident. With the special mount, a right-handed shooter who has suffered an accident can still shoot right-handed, and does not need to learn to shoot with their left hand. Correspondingly, the sight can be changed to the opposite side for a left-handed shooter. The Osuma Special Scope Mount is attached to the existing scope mounts (preferably using a 1” ring).

Osuma Mirage Guard

The Osuma Mirage Guard is designed especially for Osuma Suppressors, but is also suitable for many other brands. At the end of the suppressor is an adjustable aluminium ring, to which the elastic material is attached. On the bolt body side, the mirage strap is fixed to the scope mount. Because of this, mirage can be eliminated all along the barrel.

Osuma Biathlon Harness

Durable and well-fitted Osuma skiing harnesses are the right choice for winter elk hunting, bird rifles or biathlon. The forend is mounted on the UIT rail and the butt end with cords. The cords are flexible, so the rifle can be tightly strapped to the back close to the body, which is an advantage when running and skiing.

Osuma Case Collector

The cartridge case collector bag is a handy tool when there is no time to pick up cases. There is a provision for screw attachment in the steel frame. The bag itself is made of durable material. It can be folded shut so that no cases can fall out.

Osuma 17mm Scope Mounting Dovetails

We have designed 17mm dovetail pieces for the Sauer 101 and Mauser M12 rifles. These aluminium pieces enable the attachment of scope mounts to the 17mm dovetail in Tikka rifles. Mounting screws are included with each set of dovetails.

Osuma Picatinny Rail for Sauer 100

picatinny rail

picatinny rail silver

The Picatinny Rail can be attached to a Sauer 100 rifle, and works as a scope mounting platform. Mounting screws are included with the Picatinny Rail.

Osuma UIT Rails



A mandatory accessory for a biathlon rifle. The rail can be attached either on the side, or at the bottom of the stock. Available in 100mm and 200mm rail lengths.

Osuma Benchrest Shooting Support

A forend designed specifically for benchrest shooting. A heavy stand and spikes made of tempered steel guarantee that the support will stay in place. The Osuma Benchrest Shooting Support features both rough and fine height adjustment, and precisely adjustable lateral movement. We recommend the Protector support bag as an accessory for benchrest shooting support.