High-quality Osuma silencers with all the most common threads. Available calibers 6.5 – 45. Colour alternatives black and clear. Weight 340-400 g depending on the model.

Osuma silencers are high-quality and amongst the lightest on the market. Recoil elimination is top-class and the silencing performance is good.


  • Osuma 140
      -Weight approx. 340 g
  • Osuma 170
      -Weight approx. 370g. Total length of silencer 170 mm. Extends the rifle’s overall length by 75 mm.
  • Osuma 220
      -Weight approx. 420g. Total length of silencer 220mm. Extends the rifle’s overall length by 125mm. Recommended for use with large calibers.

Mounting threads:

  • 14×1 spigot
  • 14×1 Sako
  • 15×1 spigot
  • 15×1 Sako
  • 17×1 spigot
  • 18×1 Sako
  • ½” UNF
  • ½” UNC 20 For AR-15-type weapons

Colours (black and silver):


Quality Osuma products from Finland

Very high-quality Osuma products are made in Finland. Each product carries a two-year guarantee. Osuma products are designed together with hunters with more than 20 years’ experience. Contact a dealer!