Other products

Osuma- silencer vibration guard

The Osuma silencer vibration guard is designed especially for Osuma silencers, but is also suitable for many other brands. At the end of the silencer is an adjustable aluminium ring, to which the stretchable vibration material is attached. On the bolt body side, the mirage strap is fixed to the scope mount. Because of this, vibration can be eliminated all along the barrel.



Osuma- trigger widener

The high-quality aluminium Osuma trigger widener provides a perfect feeling of the trigger action. The wider surface distributes the finger pressure so that the feeling of trigger resistance becomes considerably lighter.

Trigger wideners are available in widths up to 7 and 8 mm. The design enables attachment to almost all types of trigger. Attachment is with two hexagonal socket-head screws by pressing the sides.


Osuma- skiing harnesses

Durable and well-fitted Osuma skiing harnesses are the right choice for winter elk hunting, bird rifles or the biathlon. The forend is mounted on the UIT rail and the butt end with cords. The cords are flexible, so the rifle can be tightly strapped to the back close to the body, which is an advantage when running and skiing.


Osuma- cartridge casing collector bag

The cartridge casing collector bag is a handy tool when there is no time to pick up the casings. There is a provision for screw attachment in the steel frame. The bag itself is made of durable material. It can be folded shut so that no casings can fall out.


Osuma- swing swivel adaptor for UIT slide rail

The Osuma swing swivel adaptor is made of steel. This high-quality blue-annealed adaptor made from one piece suits the standard UIT rail. The adaptor also enables not only the mounting of the GT swing swivel, but also the fitting of most bipods to guns with a UIT slide rail.


Osuma- 17 mm scope mounting dovetails

We have made 17-mm dovetail pieces for the Sauer 101 rifle. These aluminium pieces enable the attachment of the scope mounts to the 17-mm dovetail well-known in Tikka rifles. Mounting screws are delivered with a set of dovetails.


Osuma- bench-rest shooting support

A forend designed especially for bench-rest shooting. A heavy stand and spikes made of tempered steel guarantee that the support will stay in place. The Osuma bench-rest shooting support features both rough and fine adjustment of height and precisely adjustable lateral movement. We recommend the Protector support bag as an accessory for the bench-rest shooting support.

Quality Osuma products from Finland

Very high-quality Osuma products are made in Finland. Each product carries a two-year guarantee. Osuma products are designed together with hunters with more than 20 years’ experience. Contact a dealer!