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Osuma Scope Rings and Ring Mounts

Osuma scopes are made from high-grade aluminium, and manufactured with state of the art tools and methods. They are dimensionally extremely precise and made with true professional skill. The surface is anodized for durability.

We provide rings for our own bases, as well as for Optilock bases and Picatinny rails; and for every main tube size from 1” to 40mm. We’ve paid extra attention to details such as the screws used to combine the two halves of the rings. Our rings can be opened and tightened without worrying that the screw heads wear out.

Osuma Kiikarinrenkaat

Osuma Rings for Optilock Base

34mm ring (pair)  
36mm ring (pair) LO
36mm ring (pair) ME
40mm ring (pair) LO

Osuma Ring Mounts Picatinny

1" rings LO or ME
30mm rings LO or ME
34mm rings LO
36mm rings LO
40mm rings LO