Blaser bases

Blaser bases are available in four different models: a model compatible with Optilock rings, with Weaver/Pictinny rails, compatible with Burris Laserscope and holosight bases.

  • Base suitable for Optilock rings
  • Base suitable for Optilock rings (extended)
  • Swarovski rail
  • blaserjalatBlaser mounts Picatinny rail
  • Burris Laserscope
  • Suitable for Zeiss inner rails – for lenses of more than 50 mm
  • Holosight base (Docter, Zeiss CompactPoint(*,Burris FastFire, etc.)
  • Holosight base Shield Jpoint (also FirePoint)
  • Compatible with Aimpoint Micro

Osuma Blaser adaptor for rifles

The Osuma Blaser adaptor converts the traditional scope mounting rail to a Blaser-type scope mount solution. With the adaptor, you can get an actual quick mount easily and cheaply, by just adding the Osuma Blaser base on top of the adaptor. By fitting the Osuma Blaser adaptor to your rifle, you can even change sights in the middle of a hunting expedition, without having to re-set the sight. The adaptor is fastened with screws to screw holes ready-bored in the bolt body. The screws are delivered with the adaptor. Fitting does not require special tools or skills.

The adaptor is available for the following models of rifle:blaser

  • Tikka T3
  • Tikka M558-590-595
  • Tikka M658-690-695
  • Tikka M65
  • Sako TRG 21, TRG-22
  • Howa 1500 SA ja LA ja saman tyyppiset lukkorungot
  • Sauer 101


Blaser bases

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